Sunday, March 1, 2009


Hi everyone!!!! A woman from livejournal (female_supreme) asked where she can find good men, aside from night clubs. Do good men go to nightclubs? Here was my answer to her. If you have any suggestions, please comment!!!!


A lot of guys that go to night clubs are misogynists. Not all. A lot.

Hate to say it but it's true. They think women are beneath them. And yet women terrify them. Why? Guys know their attraction to women makes them feel inferior. It's all about the power of pussy. (Ya'll never heard of "penis power" right. lol) Anyway, these kinds of guys are in a double bind between their attraction for women and their hatred for women. They hate what the can't have, no matter how much their inbred sense of entitlement feels otherwise. And these types of men are the ones that want to degrade women, because it makes them feel better to degrade the things they desire but cannot have. Combine this with hating what you fear, their sense of ENTITLEMENT which comes from traditional male patriarchy, their immaturity, their pack-like mentality and you got a club full of misogynists. This explains why there is so much anger from guys toward women.

Besides being raised by aggressive, confrontational and destructive male patriarchal conventions, men grow up feeling incomplete and lonely. They are emotionally starved. They miss the connection they had with their moms in the early years of their lives. They see women as an extension of their mothers and look for women to fill that role and when the majority of women withhold that kind of love, nurture and attention from them, that they so desperately crave, they get filled with seething anger. It's unfortunate some even think they can force it from her. Plus the fact that they don't have very good social skills or communication skills, adds to the problem.

A thing about patriarchy: aggression, rape, assault, terrorism, oppression. I for one would like to see an end to patriarchalism, it only encourages and fosters aggression and terrorism. Female supremacy fosters growth, unity and empowerment. Women make better managers and planners because they are more diplomatic, empathetic, intuitive and are emotionally stronger. We should leave the hard labor to the men since they are built for labor anyway. Sure there will be a few bad female seeds here and there, but that is nothing compared to the magnitude of destruction and oppression patriarchy has caused.

Back to your OP question: I found my sub at a cooking class I took at a local college. Artistic men, in-tune with their feminine side (compassionate, empathetic, sensitive, etc) make great companions too. Go to your local book store and look for art classes. Try gyms too - yoga. Guys who meditate and do yoga could be worth a try too.

Good luck girl. There are a great many strong, secure men out there. And welcome Sister to this Female Supremacy community. Glad to have you a part of this group.

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